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Título: Aerial sonic anemometry - preliminary results
Autor: Marques, Filipe
Ribeiro, Luís Frölén
Meles, Victor
Palavras-chave: UAV
Data: 2013
Citação: Marques, Filipe, Ribeiro, Luís Frölén; Meles, Victor (2013) - Aerial sonic anemometry - preliminary results. In First conference of the international society for atmospheric research using remotely-piloted aircraft. Palma de Mallorca - Espanha
Resumo: Actual wind turbines reach heights above 200 m and are a quite expensive type of equipment. The choice of the location for installing a wind turbine or wind farm, is also becoming a more complicated issue. The goal is to characterize with greater detail the mean and turbulent flow field over a certain area. This is achieved nowadays with point measurements of the wind characteristics with meteorological towers equipped at several heights. This standard technique is becoming increasingly expensive and technically more challenging, once the 30–50 m met towers used in the 90’s were replaced by 80-100 m met towers in the 2000 decade. The standard in the wind industry is assessing the resource where it’s going to be extracted (location and height). For such large turbines, where the hub is at 120 m a.g.l. it is quite expensive and technically complicated to measure with standard met towers. Alternatives ground based remote systems are being used such as LIDARS and SODARS. Complementary techniques are being developed using measuring equipment in aerial platforms like: kites, airships, balloons and plane models. Sonic anemometers proved to be a reference equipment in wind measurements and are accepted in the wind energy community when installed in masts. This project intends to use sonic anemometers in a airborne platforms to get wind information over the flying area between met masts or waypoints.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/11126
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