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Title: Electronic commerce maturity: a review of the principal models
Author: Morais, Elisabete Paulo
Gonçalves, Ramiro
Pires, José Adriano
Keywords: Electronic commerce
Electronic business
Maturity models
Stages of growth
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Morais, Elisabete Paulo; Gonçalves, Ramiro; Pires, José Adriano (2007) - Electronic commerce maturity: a review of the principal models. In IADIS International Conference e-Society
Abstract: It has been more than three decades since Nolan proposed his stages of growth model for information systems. Since then several studies on the stages of growth theory appeared in the academic literature. Since models oriented to the management and planning of information systems even models oriented to the development of information systems. But the object of this article is to present the most cited maturity models for the electronic commerce or electronic business and compare them. This comparison will be made using a comparative framework to evaluate electronic business stages of growth models, illustrating perspective, development, emphasis, verification, focus, source, barriers to growth and number of stages.
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