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Título: Características sociais e demográficas dos utentes da rede nacional de cuidados continuados do distrito de Bragança
Autor: Almeida, Vanda Cláudia Gaspar
Correia, Teresa
Martins, Matilde
Palavras-chave: Users
Contllmous care units
National network of integrated continuous care
Data: 2015
Editora: UTAD, Escola Superior de Enfermagem Drº. José Timóteo Montalvão Machado
Citação: Almeida, Vanda Cláudia Gaspar; Correia, Teresa; Martins, Matilde (2015) - Características sociais e demográficas dos utentes da rede nacional de cuidados continuados do distrito de Bragança. In Saúde: do Desafio ao Compromisso. p. 228-239. ISBN 978-989-97708-5-0
Resumo: The objective of lhis sludy is lo identify lhe social and demographic characleristics of consumers users of the National Network of Integrated COlltillUOllS Care in Bragança district. Epidemiological snKly. transversal alld retrospective with a quantitative methodology with a sample of 785 users admitted between the years 2008- 2013 in the Continuing Care Units ofBragança district. The collection of data was accolllplished through a checklist. based on lhe program used by the units Gestcare ICC in the period frOIll June 2014 to January 2015. Data were coUected by the researcher in Mogadouro tullts, Miranda do Douro and Moncorvo. The principies of the Helsinki Dec1aration were respected. TIle resu1ts show that 50.8% of users are n13le gender and 43.8% of these belollgs to the age group between 81 and 90 years old. The results also show tl13t 47.4% of the total sample of the users are married or living in a de facto lUlÍon: 47.5 % of users have no qualifications; with respect to the source zOlle it is found that the majorityofusers is 67 % in a mral area .Most ofthe lIsers 20.8% are fromMiranda do Douro. 19,9% are from Mogadouro and 12,1% are fi:olll Torre de Moncorvo.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/12085
ISBN: 978-989-97708-5-0
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