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Título: Influence of socio-demographic issues in body mass index (BMI) of drug addicts in methadone maintenance treatment
Autor: Costa, Ana Filipa
Alves, Daniela
Custódio, Daniela
Natário, Liliana
Andrade, Fernando
Ferro-Lebres, Vera
Palavras-chave: Body mass index
Drug addicts
Data: 2012
Editora: International Confederation of Dietetic Associations
Citação: Costa, Ana Filipa; Alves, Daniela; Custódio, Daniela; Natário, Liliana; Andrade, Fernando Ferro-Lebres, Vera (2012) - Influence of socio-demographic issues in body mass index (BMI) of drug addicts in methadone maintenance treatment. In 16 th International Congress on Dietetics 2012. Australia
Resumo: The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of social factors on the nutritional status of drug addicts. 60 drug addicts in methadone maintenance treatment of Integrated Response Center (CRI) of Bragança were evaluated. Nutritional assessment was performed by measuring the weight and height and then calculated the body mass index. The socio-demographic data were collected through a questionnaire constructed for this purpose. PASW 19.0 for Windows. The average body mass index (BMI) was 22.46 ± 3.36 kg/m2 and based on this parameter 13.3% were underweight, 65% normal weight, 20.0% overweight and 1,7% obesity grade I. BMI was significantly higher in addicts who live with a spouse in relation to other housing contexts (p <0.005). In terms of marital status, unmarried addicts had a significantly lower BMI compared to other situations. Individuals have an average of 4.10 ± 4.47 years of treatment and 78.3% performed less than 3 meals/day. The socio-demographic conditions must be taken into consideration in the process of intervention with this population. More studies must be performed in other to clarify other food behavior variables in drug users populations.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/7606
Versão do Editor: www.icd2012.com/
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