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Título: Future scenarios in the context of emerging sustainable living landscape
Autor: Costa, Carlos Casimiro da
Fabião, Henrique Jorge
Fernandes, António Augusto
Data: 2009
Editora: FEUP
Citação: Costa, Carlos Casimiro da; Fabião, Henrique; Fernandes, António Augusto (2009). Future scenarios in the context of emerging sustainable living landscape. In First International Conference on Integration of Design, Engineering and Management for Innovation IDEMI09. Porto, p. 111
Resumo: Today we live most of our time with the head in one place and the body in another, a dichotomy between interior and exterior, home and office, private domain and urban/social/cultural domain. Living and working in a specific place as a continuum legacy is an atypical case from an occasional perspective, where everything looks further and further like gypsies lives, looking incessantly for new territories in a vast domain, even if this domain is intrinsically associated to immobility. Also the digital attachments or extensions of our body synthesized in images, circuits, bits and sounds, construct this technological demography of fast-fast (fastlove, fast-food, fast-security, fast-web, fast-services, fasttransport, fast-family ... ). For more intense remedial products and remedial services we deliver, asking for the slow, more proposed forms of products/services will emerge in this negative cycle, increasing the fissure between the idea of sustainability and the pretensions of being well. The intangible productslservices and the miniaturization applied in production did not diminish the overall consumption, plus the script affected to products for every individual customization, augmented the volume for this inertia corrective products.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/7541
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