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Title: BBMS - Basic Bioinformatics Meta-searcher
Author: Carocho, Márcio
Deusdado, Sérgio
Keywords: Meta-search
Searching biological databases
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Carocho, Márcio; Deusdado, Sérgio (2010) - BBMS – Basic Bioinformatics Meta-searcher. In Xth Spanish Symposium on Bioinformatics (JBI2010). Málaga
Abstract: In this paper we present a Basic Bioinformatics Meta-searcher (BBMS), a web-based service aiming to simplify and integrate biological data searching through selected biological databases. BBMS facilitates biological data searching enabling multiple sources transparently, increasing research productivity as it avoids time consuming learning and parameterization of different search engines. Users’ feedback when evaluating BBMS in terms of usability, usefulness and efficiency was very positive.
Peer review: yes
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