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Title: Longitudinal assessment of swimming performance in the 200 m freestyle event
Author: Costa, M.J.
Bragada, José A.
Marinho, D.A.
Reis, V.M.
Silva, A.J.
Barbosa, Tiago M.
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Research Centre in Sports, Health and Human Development
Citation: Costa, M.J.; Bragada, José A.; Marinho, D.A.; Reis, V.M.; Silva, A.J.; Barbosa, Tiago M. (2009) - Longitudinal assessment of swimming performance in the 200 m freestyle event. Vila Real
Abstract: Several studies have been carried out in order to identify the factors that can predict swimming performance. However, all these studies only analyzed determinant factors in a single moment. It was not taken into account the longitudinal stability and changes, as a result of individual development, new training methods and technological sophistication.
Peer review: yes
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