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Title: Clustering of TS-fuzzy system
Author: Igrejas, Getúlio
Salgado, Paulo
Keywords: Fuzzy clustering
T-S systems
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Igrejas, Getúlio; Salgado, Paulo (2007) - Clustering of TS-fuzzy system. In RECPAD - 13º Conferência Portuguesa de Reconhecimento de Padrões. Lisboa
Abstract: This paper presents a fuzzy c-means clustering method for partitioning symbolic interval data, namely the T-S fuzzy rules. The proposed method furnish a fuzzy partition and prototype for each cluster by optimizing an adequacy criterion based on suitable squared Euclidean distances between vectors of intervals. This methodology leads to a fuzzy partition of the TS-fuzzy rules, one for each cluster, which corresponds to a new set of fuzzy sub-systems. When applied to the clustering of TS-fuzzy system the result is a set of additive decomposed TS-fuzzy sub-systems. In this work a generalized Probabilistic Fuzzy C-Means algorithm is proposed and applied to TS-Fuzzy System clustering.
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