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Title: Agent-based inter-organizational workflow management system for electronic institutions
Author: Leitão, Paulo
Mendes, João M.
Keywords: Multi-agent systems
Electronic Institution
Inter-organizational workflow
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Leitão, Paulo; Mendes, João M. (2008) - Agent-based inter-organizational workflow management system for electronic institutions. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Human-Machine Systems (DHMS’08). p.188-193. ISBN: 978-80-01-04028-7
Abstract: An Electronic Institution is a computational framework that provides a set of services supporting the Virtual Organization lifecycle, namely its formation, operation and dissolution. A crucial service is related to the coordination of the corresponding inter-organizational workflow defined by the established contract. This paper introduces an agent-based interorganizational workflow management system, part of an Electronic Institution, aiming to coordinate the contract execution and to get feedback from the shop floor level. In the proposed approach, the close supervision of the inter-organizational workflow allows anticipating possible deviations and taking proper actions in order to minimize their potential damages.
Description: Indexado Inspec
ISBN: 978-80-01-04028-7
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