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Title: Model-driven methodologies for pervasive information systems development
Author: Fernandes, José Eduardo
Machado, Ricardo J.
Carvalho, João Álvaro
Keywords: Ubiquitous
Model driven
Information systems
Pervasive information systems
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: TUCS - Turku Centre for Computer Science
Citation: Fernandes, José Eduardo; Machado, Ricardo; Carvalho, João Álvaro (2004) - Model-driven methodologies for pervasive information systems development. In 1st International Workshop on Model-Based Methodologies for Pervasive and Embedded Software - MOMPES’04. Ontário, Canada. p.15-23. ISBN: 952-12-1359-0
Abstract: This paper intends to introduce the concept of pervasive information systems (PIS) and the issues that arise from the software development for pervasive information systems. The model driven approach is generally described and its benefits to the software design are identified. Finally, some future directions for the usage of model driven methodologies within the development of PIS are highlighted, presenting some specific problems that nowadays that kind of methodologies have not yet been able to overcome.
ISBN: 952-12-1359-0
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