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Title: A security framework for LANs
Author: Cunha, Carlos R.
Gomes, João Pedro
Paula, Wilson de
Keywords: LAN
Internal security
Response mechanisms
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IADIS International Conference on Applied Computing. Rome, 2009. p. 103-108
Abstract: The security of systems and networks is a multidisciplinary challenge of increasingly importance which has stimulated the development of multiple solutions for an effective response to the requirements that are needed. The trend, however, has been too focused on defending the organizational perimeter at the expense of greater capacity to understand and to protect inside that perimeter. This article is a reflection on aspects of internal security of Local Area Networks (LANs) and proposes a framework and a prototype, which aims to contribute to an effective access control, to a better understanding of LANs users behavior, to a response, in real time, to the unwanted occurrences, and also to implement mechanisms to ensure compliance with minimum security requirements for devices that legitimately connect to the LAN.
ISBN: 978-972-8924-97-3
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