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Title: A 2.4 GHz wireless electronic shirt for vital signals monitoring
Author: Carmo, João
Mendes, P.M.
Couto, Carlos
Advisor: Correia, J.H.
Keywords: Wireless electronic shirt
Wireless sensors networks
RF CMOS transceiver
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices. Funchal, 2008
Abstract: The paper presents a wireless sensor network for wireless electronic shirts. This allows the monitoring of individual biomedical data, such as the cardio-respiratory function. The solution chosen to transmit the body’s measured signals for further processing was the use of a wireless link, working at the 2.4 GHz ISM band. A radio-frequency (RF) CMOS transceiver chip was designed in the UMC RF 0.18 μm CMOS process. The power supply of the RF CMOS transceiver is of only 1.5 V, thus it can be supplied by a single coin-sized battery. The receiver has a sensibility of -60 dBm and consumes 6.2 mW. The transmitter delivers an output power of 0 dBm with a power consumption of 15.6 mW. Innovative topics concerning efficient power management was taken into account during the design of the RF CMOS transceiver.
Peer review: yes
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