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Title: Application of binary packing for starch separation by hydrodynamic chromatography
Author: Mota, Manuel
Teixeira, José A.
Dias, Ricardo P.
Yelshin, Alexander
Keywords: Starch
Hydrodynamic chromatography
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Society for Chemical and Process Engineering
Citation: Mota, Manuel ; Teixeira, José A.; Dias, Ricardo P.; Yelshin, Alexander (2008) - Application of binary packing for starch separation by hydrodynamic chromatography. In 10th World Filtration Congress. Leipzig, Alemanha. p.392-396.
Abstract: Columns packed with commercial glass beads of 5 and 19 microns average diameter and binary mixtures with finest fraction of 5 micron (30 % volume fraction of the mixture) were used to analyse starch by hydrodynamic chromatography (HDC). Experiments were carried out at 3 and 15 ºC. The observed resolution increased with the application of binary packing as compared with single-size packing. The best results were obtained at starch’s amylopectin and amylose separation with a glass beads mixture (5 + 19 micron) at 3ºC. In what concerns amylopectin and amylose separation, a lower pressure drop were obtained for the mixed binary packing when compared with the packing containing uniform 5 micron glass beads. For the Hylon VII starch RRT were 0.777 and 0.964 for amylopectin (AP) and amylose (AM), respectively, while for the Tapioca starch the obtained RRTs were 0.799 and 0.923. Application of unbound glass beads as column packing might reduce equipment and running costs in preparative scale separations.
Peer review: yes
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