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Título: Program inspection to interconnect behavioral and operational view for program comprehension
Autor: Berón, Mario
Henriques, Pedro
Pereira, Maria João
Uzal, Roberto
Palavras-chave: Cognitive models
Information extraction
Software visualization
Data: 2007
Editora: University of York
Citação: Berón, Mário; Henriques, Pedro; Pereira, Maria João; Uzal, Roberto (2007) - Program inspection to interconnect behavioral and operational view for program comprehension. In 1st York Doctoral Symposium on Computing. York.
Resumo: Program Comprehension (PC) is a discipline of Software Engineering aimed at creating models, methods, techniques and tools, based on a learning process and engineering process, to help the engineer in getting a deeper knowledge about software systems. The learning process is concerned with the mental process followed by the programmer when he needs to understand programs. This topic is explained in the context of Cognitive Models. The engineering process includes the study of methods for: Information Extraction from Programs and Software/Data Visualization. The research in these areas allows to build Program Comprehension tools with quality. Moreover, it aids in to inter-connecting the problem domain (system behavior) and program domain (software components). This is one of the biggest challenge in PC. In this paper, we present the background and results obtained in the topics described above during a Ph.D. thesis denominated: Program Inspection to inter-connect the Operational and Behavioral Views for Program Comprehension.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/581
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