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Title: A eficácia das intervenções não-farmacológicas na diminuição da dor no pós-operatório
Author: Carvalho, Guilhermina
Baptista, Gorete
Keywords: Nursing
Non-pharmacological interventions
Postoperative pain control
Management pain
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: International Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology
Citation: Carvalho, Guilhermina; Martins, Maria Gorete Baptista (2011) – A eficácia das intervenções não-farmacológicas na diminuição da dor no pós-operatório. International Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology. ISSN 0214-9887. 5:1, p. 19-28
Series/Report no.: Nº 1 - Vol. 5;
Abstract: Nursing can be add to reducing the pain of the patient postoperative with the adoption of unconventional techniques, known as non-pharmacological. The question is: If the implementations of non-pharmacologic techniques are an effective strategy in reducing pain in patients (adult) postoperative? Using the PICO helped to describe all the components that are related to the problem identified and searching the best evidence. From the literature review was chosen the most scientific evidence for the research question [Level I, Grade A; (Crowe et al. 2008)] EBSCO‘s database which consists of a systematic review and meta-analysis. The conclusions of this review demonstrated that there isn´t strong evidence to justify in the context of nursing the effectiveness of the adoption of non-pharmacological techniques in reducing postoperative pain.
Description: Estudo apresentado no Congresso INFAD Roma: DESAFÍOS Y PERSPECTIVAS ACTUALES DE LA PSICOLOGÍA, em Abril de 2011.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: ISSN: 0214-9887
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