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Title: The role of external actors on the development of territorial dynamic competences
Author: Correia, Ricardo
Brito, Carlos Henrique
Keywords: Relational geography
Dynamic capabilities
Interoganisational networks
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IMP
Citation: Correia, Ricardo; Brito, Carlos (2008) - The role of external actors on the development of territorial dynamic competences. In 23rd Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group (IMP) Conference. Manchester
Abstract: Traditionally it is considered that the value of a territory is measured by its tangible assets, whether they are endogenous (landscape, climate, natural resources, etc.) or not (infrastructures, services, industries, etc.). This paper proposes a different vision. It considers that the value of any territory is not only dependent on its tangible resources but also on its internal dynamics, which allow for interactions and its linkage to actors connected to inside and outside networks. This favours the creation of new links, adding new capabilities to the internal territorial network. Each territory has, thus, to manage internal and external relationships.
Peer review: yes
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