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Title: Wild plants used as food and medicine in the Northeast of Portugal
Author: Carvalho, Ana Maria
Morales, Ramón
Keywords: Portuguese Ethnobotany
Etnobotânica portuguesa
Medicinal plants
Wild edible plants
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: University of Kent, Department of Anthropology
Citation: Carvalho, Ana Maria; Morales, Ramón (2010) - Wild plants used as food and medicine in the Northeast of Portugal. In IX International Congress of Ethnobiology. Cantebury
Abstract: For the first time an ethnobotanical survey has been carried out in the Natural Park of Montesinho in northeastern Portugal. Working with 49 informants (mostly women) from 20 villages we found 133 wild plants, belonging to 45 botanical families that were traditionally employed as food and/or medicine.
Description: Resumo publicado de comunicação oral apresentada no painel Wild food plants and health in the Mediterranean area and Europe do Ninth International Congress of Ethnobiology.
Peer review: yes
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