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Title: Obesity and physical fitness among children (6-10 years) from Azores islands (Portugal)
Author: Lopes, Vítor P.
Maia, José A.R.
Silva, R.G.
Morais, F.P.
Ferreira, J.C.V.
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Centro Studi Auxologici
Citation: Lopes, Vítor P.; Maia, José A.R.; Silva, R.G.; Morais, F.P.; Ferreira, J.C.V. (2004) - Obesity and physical fitness among children (6-10 years) from Azores islands (Portugal). In X International Congress of Auxology. Human Growth in Sickness and in Health. Florença
Abstract: The prevalence of obesity and of lower leveIs of physical fitness seems to be a major problem for the public health. The WHO designates obesity as one of the most important public health threats because of the sigrlificant impact of chronic conditions associated with obesity. Physical fitness could act as a protective factor for various diseases, e.g. cardiovascular diseases.
Peer review: yes
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