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Título: Interferometric techniques in structural damage identification
Autor: Lopes, H.
Ribeiro, J.E.
Santos, J.V. Araújo dos
Palavras-chave: Damage identification
Speckle shearography
Order spatial derivatives
Data: 2011
Citação: Lopes, H.; Ribeiro, J. E.; Araújo dos Santos, J.V.A. (2011) - Interferometric techniques in structural damage identification. ICEDyn 2011- International Conference on structural Engineering Dynamics. Tavira. ISBN 978-989-96276-0-4.
Resumo: This paper describes several interferometric techniques and their applications in structural damage identification. With that objective in mind, damaged aluminium beams with clamped-free and free-free boundary conditions are analyzed. Different damages cases are inflicted by creating small cuts perpendicular to the beams longitudinal axis, being the damage, therefore, characterized by the dimensions of these cuts. The out–of–plane displacement field of modal response is measured with an electronic speckle pattern interferometric system. The measurement of the static and dynamic rotation fields, defined as the spatial derivative of the displacement field, are measured with two different speckle shearography systems. Second and third order spatial derivatives of the displacement field, which are related to the bending moment and shear force, are computed by differentiation techniques. The cracks locations are determined by looking for maximum values and/or perturbations of damage indicators based on bending moments and shear forces. This method is validated by comparing its results with numerical ones, from which the most suitable interferometric technique is chosen.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/4012
ISBN: 978-989-96276-0-4
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