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Title: HPLC method for simultaneous detection of aflatoxins and cyclopiazonic acid
Author: Soares, Célia
Rodrigues, Paula
Freitas-Silva, Otniel
Abrunhosa, Luís
Venâncio, Armando
Keywords: Aspergillus section Flavi
Aspergillus section Flavi
Fungal extracts
Dual mycotoxin detection
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Wageningen Academic Publishers
Citation: Soares, C.; Rodrigues, P.; Freitas-Silva, O.; Abrunhosa, L.; Venancio, A. (2010) HPLC method for simultaneous detection of aflatoxins and cyclopiazonic acid. World Mycotoxin Journal. ISSN 1875-0710. 3:3, p. 225-231
Abstract: Aspergillus species in section Flavi are among the most relevant mycotoxigenic fungi. The organisms are well-known producers of the highly carcinogenic aflatoxins and of other mycotoxins, such as cyclopiazonic acid. Aflatoxins and cyclopiazonic acid analyses can be routinely used for identification purposes within the section. Two separate chromatographic runs with distinct columns and detectors for each toxin were required in previous reports. A straightforward high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) procedure for the simultaneous detection of these compounds in fungal cultures was developed in the present work using a methanol/water mobile phase, post-column photochemical derivatisation and fluorescence detection. The proposed method was tested with standards and fungal extracts of 24 Aspergillus section Flavi strains and compared to the common individual detection of these mycotoxins by HPLC analyses.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1875-0710
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