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Title: Crops use-efficiency of nitrogen from a manure allowed for organic-farming
Author: Rodrigues, M.A.
Carneiro, José
Pires, Jaime
Moreira, Nuno
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: European Society for Agronomy
Citation: Rodrigues, Manuel; Carneiro, José; Pires, Jaime; Moreira, Nuno (2004) - Crops’ use-efficiency of nitrogen from a manure allowed for organic-farming. In Proc. of 8th ESA-Congress. Copenhagen
Abstract: During the last decade, Europe bus witnessed a fast development in the organic agriculture segment. This lead to the emergence of new markets for fertilisers allowed for organic farming. Taking into account the relatively high prices of some of these products it is essential to look into their fertilizing value. In this work, the agronomic behavior, of an organic amendement allowed for organic farming was compared to that of a conventional N fertiliser. We lay out results of crops N nutritional indices, N uptake and aboveground dry matter yields from a double-cropping system, which includes a mixture of small grains as winter cover crop and silage maize as summer crop.
Peer review: yes
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