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Title: A double parabola with retroreflection properties
Author: Gouveia, Paulo D.F.
Keywords: Billiards
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Wolfram
Citation: Gouveia, Paulo D.F. (2009) - A double parabola with retroreflection properties. The Wolfram Demonstrations Project.
Abstract: This Demonstration shows the reflective behavior of a two-dimensional shape formed by similar arcs of two parabolas. An interesting and unexpected reflective behavior arises when this shape takes a specific configuration, with two parabolas of unit focal length. In this particular configuration it is found that, except for the rays with absolute value of the entry angle less than 19.47º, a ray emerges from the cavity with a trajectory that is nearly opposite to its entry trajectory. This characterizes a cavity with retroreflective behavior. Even in the case of trajectories with entry angle below 19.47º, the exit direction does not appear to vary greatly from the entry direction.
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