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Title: PLC and petri net training based on a 3D virtual car park modelling and control
Author: Lima, José
Gonçalves, José
Costa, Paulo
Moreira, António
Keywords: Computer aided engineering
Control engineering
Patri nets
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Lima, José; Gonçalves, José; Costa, Paulo; Moreira, António (2009)- PLC and petri net training based on a 3D virtual car park modelling and control. In 1st Ibero-American Symposium on Project Approaches for Engineering. Gumarães.
Abstract: This paper describes a PC application, behaving as a virtual maquette, that emulates a three-dimensional real world where an external PLC controls its behaviour receiving feedback from the environment. The developed interface connects the PLC to the PC. The virtual maquette is composed by a car parking where user requests gate open order while the PLC supervises gate open/close command, parking availability lights and free parking places. The virtual maquette also supports a Petri net viewer where the car park behaviour is modelled. State changes and resources allocation can be seen in real time. The virtual maquette supports different ways of control, allowing several simultaneous student groups to work on different solutions.
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