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Title: Cutting forces analysis in orthogonal milling through inverse simulation
Author: Queijo, Luís
San Juan Blanco, Manuel
Plaza, Miguel
Keywords: FEA
Force measurement
Orthogonal cutting
Frequency analysis
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: AMSE
Citation: Queijo, Luís; San Juan Blanco, Manuel; Plaza, Miguel (2004) - Cutting forces analysis in orthogonal milling through inverse simulation. In International Conference on Modelling & Simulation. Valladolid. p. 155-156. ISBN 8468878677
Abstract: This article intends, of a summary form, to tell the study work developed in the cutting forces analysis in orthogonal milling, using techniques of inverse simulation. This technique takes advantage from the simulation but in a counter way. In this case il is used not to obtain an estimation of the forces involved in the cutting process, which will be the normal result of a process simulation but to help in orthogonal milling process characterization.
ISBN: 8468878677
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