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Title: Bio-based composite materials from olive stone
Author: Sibaja, M.
Alvarado, P.
Jiménez, L.
Rojas, O.
Barreiro, M.F.
Cateto, C.A.
Rodrigues, A.E.
Lopretti, M.
Keywords: Olive stone
Composite materials
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: Sibaja, M.; Alvarado, P.; Jimenez, L.; Rojas, O.; Barreiro, M.F.; Cateto, C.A.; Rodrigues, A.E.; Lopretti, M. (2005) - Bio-based composite materials from olive stone. In 14th European Biomass Conference. Paris, 2005. p.1759-1762
Abstract: The present work describes the methodology used for the preparation and characterization of composite samples prepared by mixing various percentages of olive stone flour in a polyester resin matrix. A study on the chemical-physical properties of the olive stone is reported, as well as, a set of tests to evaluate the mechanical properties of the manufactured products obtained. Biodegradation studies were carried out on the obtained composite materials.
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