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Title: Enantioseparation by simulated moving bed chromatography: modeling, simulation and operation
Author: Pais, L.S.
Loureiro, José M.
Rodrigues, A.E.
Keywords: Simulated moving bed
Chiral separation
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: Pais, L.S.; Loureiro, J.M.; Rodrigues, A.E. (1998) - Enantioseparation by simulated moving bed chromatography: modeling, simulation and operation. In 7th International Chemical Engineering Conference. CHEMPOR. Lisboa. p.857-864
Abstract: The paper deals with chiral separation by Simulated Moving Bed chromatography. A practical tool for choosing the better SMB operating conditions as a function of the feed flow rate is proposed. The operation of a pilot unit of SMB, Licosep 12-26 (Novasep, France), is carried out for the separation of bi-naphthol enantiomers. Experimental results and model predictions are compared in terms of process performance and internal concentration profiles.
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