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Title: Trends in agile and cooperative manufacturing
Author: Leitão, Paulo
Barata, José
Camarinha-Matos, Luís
Boissier, Raymond
Keywords: Agile manufacturing
Holonic manufacturing systems
Multi-agent systems
Shop floor re-engineering
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Leitão, Paulo; Barata, José; Camarinha-Matos, Luís; Boissier, Raymond (2001) - Trends in agile and cooperative manufacturing. In Proceedings of the Low Cost Automation Symposium. Berlin, Germany. p. 156-165. ISBN 0-08-043907-1
Abstract: This paper discusses the actual state of the manufacturing systems, focusing on the paradigms, requirements and problems for control and supervision. Based on the experience of the authors in those fields, a new approach to agile, distributed and cooperative manufacturing systems is presented and discussed. This new approach is based on a multi-agent platform that supports three main components: control and cooperation, communication, and re-engineering.
Description: Indexado ISI
ISBN: 0-08-043907-1
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