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Título: Carbon xerogel supported noble metal catalysts for fine chemical applications
Autor: Machado, Bruno
Gomes, Helder
Serp, Philippe
Kalck, Philippe
Figueiredo, José
Faria, Joaquim
Palavras-chave: Carbon xerogel
Surface chemistry
Selective hydrogenation
Data: 2008
Citação: Machado, Bruno; Gomes, Helder; Serp, Philippe; Kalck, Philippe; Figueiredo, José; Faria, Joaquim (2008) - Carbon xerogel supported noble metal catalysts for fine chemical applications. In XXI Simpósio Ibero-americano de Catálise. Benalmadena, Málaga, Espanha. p. V107-V114
Resumo: Carbon xerogel, a mesoporous material, was produced by polycondensation of resorcinol and formaldehyde. A concentrated nitric acid solution was subsequently used to introduce high amounts of oxygenated groups on the surface. The carbon xerogel served as a support for Pt, Ir and Ru monometallic catalysts by using organometallic precursors. The catalysts were tested in the liquid-phase selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde to cinnamyl alcohol. The introduction of surface groups was important to increase metal dispersion but proved to limit selectivity towards the unsaturated alcohol. After a thermal treatment at 973 K the catalysts showed excellent thermal stability and a narrow metal size distribution. Regarding the catalytic results measured at 50% conversion, Pt catalysts exhibited the highest selectivity to cinnamyl alcohol (73 %) followed by Ir with 65 % and finally Ru with only 32 %.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/1324
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