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Title: Simulation of membrane separations using a modified Maxwell-Stefan model
Author: Brito, Paulo
Gando-Ferreira, Licínio M.
Portugal, António
Keywords: Modeling
Transport phenomena
Apparent rejection
Adaptive methods
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Universidade do Minho
Citation: Brito, Paulo; Gando-Ferreira, Licínio M.; Portugal, António (2008) - Simulation of membrane separations using a modified Maxwell-Stefan model. In 10th International Chemical and Biological Engineering Conference - CHEMPOR 2008. Braga. p. 720-725. ISBN 978-972-97810-3-2
Abstract: A modified Maxwell-Stefan model, which considers both the concentration polarization and the transport through the membrane, is tested for the simulation of Dextran-98000 aqueous solutions filtration. The model is able to successfully simulate experimental data in the high rejection/low flux region, but does replicate the observed rejection drop/pressure build-up which occurs for increased fluxes, which may be due to limitations of the model itself.
ISBN: 978-972-97810-3-2
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