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Title: Feeding behaviour of Barbus Bocagei assessed under a spatio-temporal approach
Author: Collares-Pereira, M.J.
Martins, M.J.
Pires, A.M.
Geraldes, Ana Maria
Coelho, M.M.
Keywords: Iberian barbel
Intraspecific relations
Diel cycles
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Institute of Vertebrate Biology. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Citation: Collares-Pereira, M. J.; Martins, M. J.; Pires, A. M.; Geraldes, Ana Maria; Coelho, M. M. (1996) - Feeding behaviour of Barbus Bocagei assessed under a spatio-temporal approach. Folia Zoologica. ISSN 0139-7893. 45:1, p. 65-76
Abstract: The feeding behaviour of Barbus bocagei was assessed in a lowland system by a two years survey Of two contrasting sites also talking into account, for the first time diurnal changes of fish diet and benthos availability.
ISSN: 0139-7893
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