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Título: The measuring of the cortical bone thickness in L4 vertebra and comparison with bone mass density
Autor: Fonseca, E.M.M.
Barreira, Luísa
Dinis, J.C.
Pereira, Ana I.
Palavras-chave: Bone mass density
Rapid prototyping
L4 vertebra
Computed tomography
Data: 2013
Citação: Fonseca, E.M.M.; Barreira, Luísa; Dinis, J.C.; Pereira, Ana I. (2013) - The measuring of the cortical bone thickness in L4 vertebra and comparison with bone mass density. International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics (IJMEI), ISSN (Online) 1755-0661 - ISSN (Print): 1755-0653. 5:3, p. 233-244
Resumo: The aim of this work is to identify the cortical bone thickness in L4 vertebra, through a digital methodology using Computed Tomography and an experimental methodology with the rapid prototyping, and to compare with the body mass density for each vertebra in analysis. The study presents clinic results of sixteen women from the Northwest of Portugal, with age between 52 and 83 years, collected from May to June 2011. The patients underwent a dual energy X-ray densitometry scan system (Lunar, DPX Pro, daily calibrated) at L4 vertebra for body mass density determination, and simultaneous a lumbar spine Computed Tomography scan (Lightspeed Plus, GE Medical System) was performed. All clinical data were obtained in a Medical Imaging Centre of Radiology. Discussions of results regarding the measuring of the cortical bone thickness and the relation with body mass density in L4 vertebra are presented in this work. The L4 vertebra is one of the most common spinal sites that lead to chronic lower back pain. The goal of this study is to acquire accurate values, concerning cortical bone thickness, which could improve the prediction of vertebral fractures.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/8624
ISSN: 1755-0653
Versão do Editor: http://www.inderscience.com/info/inarticle.php?artid=55698
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