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Título: Intumescent coating modelling based on small scale experimental tests
Autor: Mesquita, L.M.R.
Piloto, P.A.G.
Vaz, M.A.P.
Data: 2009
Citação: Mesquita, L.M.R.; Piloto, P.A.G.; Vaz, M.A.P. (2009) - Intumescent coating modelling based on small scale experimental tests. In III Conferência Nacional em Mecânica de Fluidos, Termodinâmica e Energia. Bragança. ISBN 978-989-96264-0-9
Resumo: An investigation of two different intumescent coatings used in steel fire protection has been performed to evaluate their efficiency. Among other quantities, the steel temperature and the intumescence thickness variation were measured. A mathematical model for the intumescent coating is developed. It considers the coating decomposition and models the protection by two layers, the reacted and the unreacted layer. A comparison between the experimental results and the ones obtained from the numerical model is presented.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/7224
ISBN: 978-989-96264-0-9
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