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Title: Program comprehension for domain-specific languages
Author: Pereira, Maria João
Mernik, Marjan
Cruz, Daniela
Henriques, Pedro
Keywords: Program understanding
Domain specific languages
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IPB
Citation: Pereira, Maria João; Mernik, Marjan; Cruz, Daniela; Henriques, Pedro (2008) - Program comprehension for domain-specific languages. In II Proceedings of Compiler, Related Technologies and Applications. Bragança. p.55-56.
Abstract: In the past, we have been looking for program comprehension tools that are able to interconnect operational and behavioral views, aiming at aiding the software analyst to relate problem and program domains in order to reach a full understanding of software systems. In this paper we are concerned with Program Comprehension issues applied to Domain Specific Languages (DSLs). We are now willing to understand how techniques and tools for the comprehension of traditional programming languages fit in the understanding of DSLs. Being the language tailored for the description of problems in a specific domain, we believe that specific visualizations (at a higher abstraction level, closer to the problem level) could and should be defined to enhance the comprehension of the descriptions in that particular domain.
Peer review: yes
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