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Title: Electrochemical characterization of a novel salen type modified electrode
Author: Vilas-Boas, Miguel
Freire, C.
Castro, B.
Hillman, A.R.
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: ACS Publications
Citation: Vilas-Boas, Miguel; Freire, C.; Castro, B.; Hillman, A.R. (1998) - Electrochemical characterization of a novel salen type modified electrode. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. ISSN 1520-6106. 102:43, p. 8533-8540
Abstract: The nickel(II) complex with H2saltMe, a N2O2 Schiff base ligand derived from salicylaldehyde, was oxidatively electropolymerized on Pt electrodes in CH3CN/0.1 mol dm-3 tetraethylammonium perchlorate (TEAP) to generate polymer films that exhibit reversible oxidative electrochemical behavior in a wide potential range (0.0-1.3 V), high conductivity, and stability/durability.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1520-6106
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