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Title: Improvement of the performance of soil-cement mixtures using low cost activators
Author: Cruz, Maria
Jalali, Said
Keywords: Improvement
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Cruz, Maria; Jalali, Said (2011) - Improvement of the performance of soil-cement mixtures using low cost activators. IJP - International Journal of Pavements. ISSN 1676-2797.
Abstract: This paper presents the results of a research study aimed at assessing the effects of using low cost activators and cement for stabilizing granitic residual soils, concerning the load bearing capacity and the durability. Results of compressive strength and tensile strength by diametrical compression have been recorded, aiming at evaluating the mechanical properties, whereas, for the durability, capillary water absorption and the loss of strength by saturation, of wetting-drying and freeze-thaw cycles, were assessed. In order to improve the performance of soil-cement mixtures, the effects of the use of low cost activators in small percentages were analyzed. Results show that the use of cement improves the mechanical performance and the durability of granite residual soils. Moreover, some of the studied activators significantly improve the mechanical performance of the mixtures, becoming, thus, a gainful alternative to the increase of the cement content.
Peer review: no
ISSN: 1676-2797
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