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Title: Rumex induratus leaves: phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity
Author: Valentão, P.
Ribeiro, Vitor
Lopes, Graciliana
Rodrigues, M.A.
Izquierdo, Angel
Ferreres, F.
Seabra, R.M.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: F. Daayf, L. Hadrami, L. Adam, G.M. Ballance
Citation: Valentão, Patrícia; Ribeiro, Vitor; Lopes, Graciliana; Rodrigues, Manuel; Izquierdo, Angel; Ferreres, Federico; Seabra, Rosa (2006) - Rumex induratus leaves: phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity. In International Conference on Polyphenols. Manitoba
Abstract: The phenolic composition of Rumex induratus was determined by HPLC-DAD-MS/MS-ESI and HPLC/DAD. The results showed a profile composed by caffeoyl-hexoside. two p-coumaroyl-hexoside isomers, feruloyl-hexoside, sinapoyl-hexoside. 6-C-hexosyl-quercetin. 8-C-hexosyl-luteolin, 6-C-hexosyl- luteolin, 6.C-hexosyl-apigenin. 3-O- hexosyl-quercetin, 3-O-rutinosyl-quercetin. 7.O.hexosyI-diosnietin, 3.O-rutinosyl-isorhamnetin, 7-0.(acetyl)-pentohexosyl-diosmetin, 6-C-hexnsyl-genkwanin and four unidentified O.glycosyl_C-glycosylflavones. R. induratus was also investigated for its capacity to act as a scavenger of DPPH and superoxide radicals. Good antioxidative results were obtained against both radicals.
Peer review: yes
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