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Title: Simulation of Fe2O3/Al combustion: sensitivity analysis
Author: Brito, Paulo
Durães, Luísa
Campos, José
Portugal, António
Keywords: Combustion
Fe2O3/Al thermite
Mathematical modelling
Sensitivity analysis
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Brito, Paulo; Durães, Luísa; Campos, José; Portugal, António (2007) - Simulation of Fe2O3/Al combustion: sensitivity analysis. Chemical Engineering Science. ISSN 0009-2509. 62:18-20, p. 5078-5083
Series/Report no.: 62;18-20
Abstract: The sensitivity of a one-dimensional model, built to simulate the non-steady radial combustion propagation on thin circular samples of Fe2O3/aluminium thermite mixtures, was tested in relation to its least reliable thermophysical properties and to non-homogeneities in the initial reactant media. Zero order kinetics and conductive/radiative heat transfer were considered. The model is quite insensitive to variations of most of the properties studied. The highest sensitivity detected concerned aluminium conductivity. The non-uniform reactant mixing significantly affected the results, suggesting that experimental variability is partially explained by this feature.
ISSN: 0009-2509
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