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Título: Development of laboratory protocols for the analysis of biodiesel quality parameters
Autor: Silva, Luís
Gomes, Helder
Brito, Paulo
Ribeiro, António
Data: 2014
Citação: Silva, Luís; Gomes, Helder; Brito, Paulo; Ribeiro, António (2014) - Development of laboratory protocols for the analysis of biodiesel quality parameters. In XX Encontro Luso-Galego de Química. Porto.
Resumo: The increasing population associated with lhe rising energy consumption and lhe limited fossil resources lead to the need to investigate sustainable energetic alternatives. Biofuels emerge this way as a key response to this necessity. Specifically. biodiesel is a suitable replacement for the conventional diesel, since it is a renewable fuel obtained via a transesterification process from raw materiais such as vegetable oUs, animal fats, waste cooking oUs and algae oUso The use af this biafuel, besides bringing potential environrnental benefits, a1so carries with it a wide range of technica1 and safety benefits, which present advantages aver the canventional diesel cycle. However, the controI of quality of the final biodiese! is fundamental and inevitab1e, since failure to comply with the parameters required by the standard norms may cause problems nol onIy to the engine but also to any ather car system component.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/11636
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