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Título: R&D on control of vibrations under covicocepad during 2007-2008
Autor: Barros, R.C.
Baratta, Alessandro
Corbi, Ottavia
Braz-César, M.T.
Corbi, Ileana
Bairrão, R.
Guerreiro, L.
Oliveira, C.
Magonette, Georges
Palavras-chave: Control of vibrations for smart structures
Semi-active devices
MR dampers
TLD and base isolation devices,
Experimental tests on shaking table
Data: 2009
Citação: Barros, R.; Baratta, A.; Corbi, O.; Braz-César, M.T.; Corbi, I.; Bairrão, R.; Guerreiro, L.; Oliveira, C.; Magonette, G. (2009). R&D on control of vibrations under covicocepad during 2007-2008. In COMPDYN 2009 ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. Rhodes, Greece
Resumo: This paper provides information on the latest R&D within COVICOCEPAD project approved in the framework of Eurocores program. It addresses the use of TLD, base isolation devices, MR dampers and a hybrid technique using both devices together. Some results are provided associated with calibration of a MR damper at FEUP, as well as its inclusion in a small scale laboratory set-up with proper equations of motion of the controlled smart structure. An application of semi-active control technique to a bridge is outlined. Further remarks and details on future tests to be performed in LNEC shaking table, within COVICOCEPAD project, are provided.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/7552
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