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Title: Avaliação in situ da condutividade hidráulica de solos de montanha: um caso de estudo na Serra da Estrela (Centro de Portugal).
Other Titles: In situ measurement of hydraulic conductivity of mountain soils: a case study in Serra da Estrela mountain (Central Portugal)
Author: Marques, J. Espinha
Duarte, J.M.
Constantino, A.T.
Aguiar, Carlos
Rocha, F.T.
Marques, José M.
Samper, J.
Borges, F.S.
Carvalho, J.M.
Chaminé, H.I.
Keywords: Unsaturated zone
Soil hydraulics
Constant head permeameter
Serra da Estrela Mountain
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Universidade da Curuña
Citation: Espinha Marques, J.; Duarte, J.M.; Constantino, A.T.; Afonso Martins, A.; Aguiar, C.; Rocha, F.T.; Marques, J.M.; Chaminé, H.M.; Samper, J.; Sodré Borges, F.; Carvalho, J.M. (2009) - Avaliação in situ da condutividade hidráulica de solos de montanha: um caso de estudo na Serra da Estrela (Centro de Portugal). Cadernos Lab. Xeolóxico de Laxe. ISSN 0213-4497. 34, p. 143-164
Abstract: Understanding the role of the vadose zone is essential to accurately assess hydrogeological systems and the respective groundwater resources. The study area (Manteigas – Nave de Santo António – Torre sector, Serra da Estrela Mountain, Central Portugal) presents specific geological, morphotectonical and climatic characteristics with significant influence on the hydrogeologic regime. The vadose zone has particular features that contribute to control both the quantity and the quality of the groundwater resources. In situ hydraulic conductivity tests were carried out in A and H soil horizons, by means of the constant head permeameter (Guelph permeameter) method. The mean value of the field saturated hydraulic conductivity is high (around 6 cm/h) and is typical of coarse textured soils. Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity was estimated using the Gardner mathematical model.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 0213-4497
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