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Title: Auditory system rehabilitation - available technologies
Author: Bento, David
Ferreira, Stéphanie
Magalhães, B.F.T.
Rocha, Daniela
Teixeira, João Paulo
Keywords: Hearing
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Bento, David; Ferreira, Stephanie; Magalhães, Bruno; Rocha, Daniela and Teixeira, João Paulo (2010) - Auditory system rehabilitation - available technologies. In The 3rd International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics (BMEI'10). Yantai – China
Abstract: In this article some of the different technologies and its functioning as well as some technological aids for people with partial or total auditory deficiency will be presented. The objective of the auditory rehabilitation is to develop the capacity of auditory perception to the individual carrying auditory deficiency, with aid of devices that can amplify the sound. Between these devices, we cite: the Baha auditory prostheses, vibrant sound-bridge, the cochlear implantations, the auditory brainstem implants, the hearing prosthesis, the bone conduction prostheses and the intra-channels hearing. Some technological aiding devices not used in the ear are also presented such as the signal amplifier to phone, amplifier magnetic field to TV, sign language translator, phone with handset and light bell for home.
Peer review: yes
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