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Title: Modeling and operation of a simulated moving bed for the separation of optical isomers
Author: Rodrigues, A.E.
Lu, Z.P.
Loureiro, José M.
Pais, L.S.
Keywords: Simulated moving bed
Optical isomers
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Kluwer Academic
Citation: Rodrigues, A.E.; Lu, Z.P., Loureiro, J.M.; Pais, L.S. (1996) - Modeling and operation of a simulated moving bed for the separation of optical isomers. In 5th International Conference on Fundamentals of Adsorption. Boston, Massachusetts. p.765-772.
Abstract: A model for predicting the steady state behavior of the simulated moving bed (SMB) is developed. SMB performance is characterized by purity, recovery, solvent consumption and productivity. The effect of switching time (rotation period), extract flowrate and section length on the SMB performance is discussed. A pilot plant for the separation of optical isomers is operated and tested with two systems: “Sandoz epoxide” and “bi-naphthol”.
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