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Título: Modelling the relationship between biomechanics and performance of young sprinting swimmers
Autor: Morais, J.E.
Silva, A.J.
Marinho, D.A.
Marques, M.C.
Batalha, Nuno
Barbosa, Tiago M.
Palavras-chave: Prediction
Data: 2016
Editora: Taylor&Francis
Citação: Morais, J.E.; Silva, A.J.; Marinho, D.A.; Marques, M.C.; Batalha, Nuno; Barbosa, Tiago M. (2016). Modelling the relationship between biomechanics and performance of young sprinting swimmers. European Journal of Sport Science. ISSN 1746-1391. 16:6, p. 661-668
Relatório da Série N.º: 6;
Resumo: The aim of this study was to compute a swimming performance confirmatory model based on biomechanical parameters. The sample included 100 young swimmers (overall: 12.3 ± 0.74 years; 49 boys: 12.5 ± 0.76 years; 51 girls: 12.2 ± 0.71 years; both genders in Tanner stages 1-2 by self-report) participating on a regular basis in regional and national-level events. The 100 m freestyle event was chosen as the performance indicator. Anthropometric (arm span), strength (throwing velocity), power output (power to overcome drag), kinematic (swimming velocity) and efficiency (propelling efficiency) parameters were measured and included in the model. The path-flow analysis procedure was used to design and compute the model. The anthropometric parameter (arm span) was excluded in the final model, increasing its goodness-of-fit. The final model included the throw velocity, power output, swimming velocity and propelling efficiency. All links were significant between the parameters included, but the throw velocity-power output. The final model was explained by 69% presenting a reasonable adjustment (model's goodness-of-fit; x(2)/df = 3.89). This model shows that strength and power output parameters do play a mediator and meaningful role in the young swimmers' performance.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/13122
DOI: 10.1080/17461391.2016.1149227
ISSN: 1746-1391
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