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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Teachers and ICT skills: towards a new digital IiteracyMeirinhos, Manuel
2004Teaching electrolyte thermodynamicsPinho, Simão; Macedo, Eugénia A.
2013Teatro como burla: el poder de los duques en el Quijote, IIDotras Bravo, Alexia
2014The effect of a static magnetic field on the flow of iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles through glass capillariesPereira, Nuno; Mujika, Maite; Arana, Sergio; Correia, Teresa; Silva, Adrián; Gomes, Helder; Rodrigues, Pedro; Lima, R.
2014The effect of a static magnetic field on the flow of iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles through glass capillariesPereira, N.; Mujika, M.; Arana, Sergio; Correia, Teresa Montenegro; Silva, A.; Gomes, Helder; João, P.; Lima, R.
2013The higher education premium as a measure of regional developmentFernandes, Joana; Cunha, Jorge; Oliveira, Pedro
2009The Mediterranean soils: a quick overviewFigueiredo, Tomás de
2004The portuguese construction system: the adjustment process to a changing market after the boom yearsLopes, Jorge
2004The role of black oak woodlands (Quercus pyrenaica Willd.) in small ruminant production in Northeast PortugalCastro, Marina; Castro, José; Gómez Sal, Antonio
2004The role of foundational ontologies in manufacturing domain applicationsBorgo, Stefano; Leitão, Paulo
2008The role of the sustainable forestry Initiative in forest landscape changes in Texas, USAAzevedo, João; Wu, X. Ben; Messina, M.G.; Williams, J.R.; Fisher, R.F.
2009The role of WiMAX technology on broadband access networks: economic modelPereira, João Paulo
2013The socioeconomic impact of a HEI for a local economyFernandes, Joana; Cunha, Jorge; Oliveira, Pedro
2003Towards autonomy, self-organisation and learning in holonic manufacturingLeitão, Paulo; Restivo, Francisco
2013Towards self-organized service-oriented multi-agent systemsLeitão, Paulo
2012Trabalhar bem, viver melhor, envelhecer com qualidadeFernandes, Adília
2013Tracking red blood cells in microchannels: a comparative study between an automatic and a manual methodPinho, Diana; Lima, R.; Pereira, Ana I.; Gayubo, Fernando
2014Translators censoring propaganda: a case study on the translation of Salazar’s speeches into EnglishChumbo, Isabel
2011O tratamento e análise de dadosRodrigues, Miguel
2010Ultramafics of Bragança massif: soils, flora and vegetationSequeira, E.; Aguiar, Carlos; Meireles, C.