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2017Cross-paradigms or word formation patterns in interface: evidence from PortugueseRodrigues, Alexandra Soares; Rodrigues, Pedro JoãoconferenceObjectopenAccess
2016Geometric contrast feature for automatic visual counting of honey bee brood capped cellsRodrigues, Pedro João; Neves, Cátia; Pinto, M. AliceconferenceObjectopenAccess
2012Graphical simulation of numerical algorithms - an aproach based on code instrumentation and Java technologiesBalsa, Carlos; Alves, Luís M.; Pereira, Maria João; Rodrigues, Pedro João; Lopes, Rui PedroconferenceObjectopenAccess
2010Graphical simulator of mathematical algorithms (GraSMA)Balsa, Carlos; Alves, Luís M.; Pereira, Maria João; Rodrigues, Pedro JoãoconferenceObjectopenAccess
2015Projeto BEEHOPE 2015Pinto, M. Alice; Neves, Cátia; Vilas-Boas, Miguel; Rodrigues, Pedro João; Ventura, Paulo; Garnery, Lionel; Legout, Hélène; Douarre, Vincent; Houte, Sylvie; Odoux, Francois; Estonba, Andone; Miguel, Irati; Montes, Iratxe; Mallet, Noel; Grenier, Claude; Labat, Jean-Charles; Champin, Luc; Colombet, Jonathan; Guyot, Samuel; Sime-Ngando, Telesphore; Dealbac, Frederic; Biron, David G.articleopenAccess
2014The effect of a static magnetic field on the flow of iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles through glass capillariesPereira, Nélson; Mujika, M.; Arana, Sergio; Correia, Teresa Montenegro; Silva, A.; Gomes, Helder; Rodrigues, Pedro João; Lima, R.bookPartrestrictedAccess
2015Thermal infrared image processing to assess heat generated by magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia applicationsRodrigues, Raquel Oliveira; Gomes, Helder; Lima, R.; Silva, Adrián; Rodrigues, Pedro João; Tavares, Pedro B.; Tavares, João Manuel R.S.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess