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1999A layered approach to distributed manufacturingLeitão, Paulo; Restivo, FranciscoconferenceObjectopenAccess
2005Learning mobile robotics using lego mindstormsLeitão, Paulo; Gonçalves, José; Barbosa, JoséconferenceObjectopenAccess
2017Loosed coupled simulation of smart grid control systemsFerreira, Adriano; Leitão, Paulo; Barata, JoséconferenceObjectopenAccess
2017M-health predictive data analysis of daily activities and physiological conditionsBocaj, Enkeleda; Queiroz, Jonas; Leitão, Paulo; Patrikakis, Charalampos Z.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2009Maintenance management and operational support as services in reconfigurable manufacturing systemsBarata, José; Ribeiro, Luís; Leitão, Paulo; Silvério, NelsonconferenceObjectopenAccess
2014Managing intelligent self-sustained electrical micro-gridsFerreira, Adriano; Leitão, Paulo; Vrba, PavelconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
1997A manufacturing cell controller architectureQuintas, António; Leitão, PauloconferenceObjectopenAccess
1996A manufacturing cell integration solutionLeitão, Paulo; Machado, José; Lopes, JosébookPartrestrictedAccess
2000A mediator-based approach for decentralised production planning, scheduling and monitoringTönshoff, H.-K.; Seilonen, Ilkka; Teunis, Gerrit; Leitão, PauloconferenceObjectopenAccess
2000Mediator-based communication, negotiation and scheduling for decentralised production managementSeilonen, Ilkka; Teunis, Gerrit; Leitão, PauloconferenceObjectopenAccess
2013Methodology for consideration of system quality within manufacturingFoehr, Matthias; Jäger, Tobias; Turrin, Claudio; Petrali, Pierluigi; Pagani, Arnaldo; Leitão, PauloconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2017Migration from traditional towards cyber-physical production systemsCala, Ambra; Luder, Arndt; Cachada, Ana; Pires, Flavia; Barbosa, José; Leitão, Paulo; Gepp, MichaelconferenceObjectopenAccess
2010Modelling and simulating self-organizing agent-based manufacturing systemsBarbosa, José; Leitão, PauloconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2012Modelling and validating the multi-agent system behaviour for a washing machine production lineLeitão, Paulo; Rodrigues, NelsonconferenceObjectopenAccess
2001A multi-agent based cell controllerLeitão, Paulo; Restivo, Francisco; Putnik, GoranconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2013Multi-agent system approach for the strategic planning in ramp-up production of small lotsLeitão, Paulo; Barbosa, José; Vrba, Pavel; Tsarev, Alexander; Kazanskaia, Daria; Skobelev, PetrconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2018Multi-agent System Architecture for Zero Defect Multi-stage ManufacturingLeitão, Paulo; Barbosa, José; Geraldes, Carla A. S.; Coelho, João P.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2015Multi-agent system for integrating quality and process control in a home appliance production lineLeitão, Paulo; Rodrigues, Nelson; Turrin, Claudio; Pagani, ArnaldobookPartrestrictedAccess
2011Multi-agent system for on-demand production integrating production and quality controlLeitão, Paulo; Rodrigues, NelsonconferenceObjectopenAccess
2015A multi-agent system tool for strategic planning in small-lot production environmentsBarbosa, José; Leitão, Paulo; Inden, Udo; Mascioni, FoscoarticleopenAccess