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Título: Benchmarking flexible job-shop scheduling and control systems
Autor: Trentesaux, Damien
Pach, Cyrille
Bekrar, Abdelghani
Sallez, Yves
Berger, Thierry
Thérèse, Bonte
Leitão, Paulo
Barbosa, José
Palavras-chave: Benchmarking
Flexible job-shop
Data: 2013
Editora: Elsevier
Citação: Trentesaux, Damien; Pach, Cyrille; Bekrar, Abdelghani; Sallez, Yves; Berger, Thierry; Thérèse, Bonte; Leitão, Paulo; Barbosa, José (2013) - Benchmarking flexible job-shop scheduling and control systems. Control Engineering Practice. ISSN 0967-0661. 21:9, p. 1204-1225
Resumo: Benchmarking is comparing the output of different systems for a given set of input data in order to improve the system’s performance. Faced with the lack of realistic and operational benchmarks that can be used for testing optimization methods and control systems in flexible systems, this paper proposes a benchmark system based on a real production cell. A three-step method is presented: data preparation, experimentation, and reporting. This benchmark allows the evaluation of static optimization performances using traditional operation research tools and the evaluation of control system's robustness faced with unexpected events.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/8739
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