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Título: Body image and anthropometric data in adolescents
Autor: Bonifácio, Carla
Caldeirita, Cláudia
Francisco, Raquel
Lemos, Alexandra
Fernandes, António
Ferro-Lebres, Vera
Palavras-chave: Body image
Data: 2012
Editora: Springer - European Journal of Epidemiology
Citação: Bonifácio, Carla; Caldeirita, Claudia; Francisco, Raquel; Lemos, Alexandra; Fernandes, António; Ferro-Lebres, Vera (2012) - Body image and anthropometric data in adolescentes. In The IEA-EEF European Congress of Epidemiology 2012: Epidemiology for a Fair and Healthy Society. Porto. ISSN 0393-2990. p. s117-s117
Resumo: Background Body Image reflects a person path, whose perceptions are part of its unit and are determinant for its existence, at each moment. Na individuals perception about his body is affected by others comments, that most of the times leads to insatisfaction with owns body image. At the present moment, studies that correlate real measured anthropometric data, body image perception and satisfaction are not known. Objective To evaluate the relation between real anthropometric data and body image perception and satisfaction, in Portuguese adolescents. Methods A descriptive transversal and quantitative study was designed in na education institution located in the North of Portugal. There were evaluated 214 adolescents, with ages between 10 and 19 years. Each participants anthropometric data (weight and height) were assessed, aiming to determine BMI for age centile, according to Centres of Disease and Control Prevention. Body Image perception and satisfaction was determined using Gardner et al., 1999 body image scales, with ±30 % distortion. Results The 214 adolescents (124 female and 90 male) that participated in this study, were classified according to BMI for age centiles, and 1.4 % were underweight and 22.9 % overweight or obese. It was possible to verify, using Kruskal-Walis non Parametric Test, that there is a statistically significant association between body image satisfaction and academic level, revealing that adolescents body image increases as academic level increases. The results show that there is no significant association between the remain variables: BMI, gender and body image perception). Conclusions Although several studies, in other countries and/or age groups, show that females have lower body image satisfaction levels than males, this study failed to show coincident results. It was proved that as academic level increases, adolescents body image increases as well. It is evident that intervention projects to promote better body images perception and satisfaction are fundamental, especially in adolescents from younger age groups.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/8461
ISSN: 0393-2990 Print
1573-7284 On-line
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