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Título: National health surveys: anthropometric data of Portuguese and Brazilian women: INS 2005–2006 and PNDS 2006
Autor: Costa, Caroline Santos
Marmitt, Luana Patrícia
Meller, Fernanda Oliveira
Ferro-Lebres, Vera
Palavras-chave: National health surveys
Anthropometric data
Data: 2012
Editora: Associação Portuguesa Epidemiologia
Citação: Santos-Costa, Caroline; Marmitt, Luana Patrícia; Oliveira Meller, Fernanda; Ferro-Lebres, Vera (2012) - National Health Surveys: anthropometric data of Portuguese and Brazilian women: INS 2005–2006 and PNDS 2006. In European Congress of Epidemiology 2012. Porto
Resumo: Background Nutritional problems related to under or overweight in women have been shown itself as a relevant issue to health and quality of life, affecting mainly older women. Objective To compare the anthropometric data of Portuguese and Brazilian women studied on the 4th National Health Inquiry (48 Inque ´rito Nacional de Sau´de, INS-2005-2006, Portugal) and on the National Research of Demography and Health (Pesquisa Nacional de Demografia e Sau´de, PNDS-2006, Brazil). Methods This work is a result of a data comparison between the Portuguese and the Brazilian national inquiries, respectively, INS-2005/ 2006 and PNDS-2006. Both researches represent the population of the countries and were based on transversal studies. The nutritional status of the women from 18 to 44 years old was evaluated using the body mass index, as recommended by the World Health Organization (1995). The prevalence of underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese women in the total sample was studied in three age groups (18–24, 25–34, 35–44). The statistical significance was considered for p\0.05. Results The population was of 2,048,623 women in Portugal and 12,167 in Brazil. There were no significant statistical differences between the occurrences of underweight women on the studied countries. However, there were significant differences between normal weight, overweight and obese women on the total sample and on the different age groups. The greater prevalence of normal weight women was found in Portuguese group (p\0.001). Overweight and obese women were found more prevalent in the Brazilian group (p\0.001). On both countries the occurrence of overweight and obesity increase while the occurrence of underweight decrease on higher age ranges. Conclusions High overweight and obesity prevalence were found on women of both countries, with higher proportions on the Brazilian group. Health promotion measures and stimulus to healthy nourishment have shown itself as essential to avoid the emergence of morbidities related with nutritional status of women belonging to all age groups, especially on the higher ranges.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10198/7607
Versão do Editor: www.euroepi2012.com/
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