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Title: Nonlinear control of the doubly-fed induction generator in wind power systems
Author: Soares, Orlando
Gonçalves, Henrique
Martins, António
Carvalho, Adriano
Keywords: Doubly-fed induction generator
Neural network control
Power flow
Wind energy
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Soares, Orlando; Gonçalves, Henrique; Martins, António; Carvalho, Adriano (2010) - Nonlinear control of the doubly-fed induction generator in wind power systems. RENEWABLE ENERGY . ISSN 0960 1481. 35:8, p.1662-1670
Series/Report no.: 8;
Abstract: This paper describes the models of a wind power system, such as the turbine, generator, power electronics converters and controllers, with the aim to control the generation of wind power in order to maximize the generated power with the lowest possible impact in the grid voltage and frequency during normal operation and under the occurrence of faults. The presented work considers a wind power system equipped with the doubly-fed induction generator and a vector-controlled converter connected between the rotor and the grid. The paper presents comparative results between roportional-integral controllers and neural networks based controllers, showing that better dynamic characteristics can be btained using neural networks based ontrollers.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 0960 1481
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